Vol 5, No 2 (2013)

Trade, Law and Development

This is the tenth issue of Trade, Law and Development. Volume 5, Issue 2 is a general issue with articles, notes and comments on different topics.

Table of Contents


‘Fragmentation’ and ‘Judicialization’ of International Law as Dialectic Strategies for Reforming International Economic Law Abstract PDF
Ernst-Ulrich Petersmann 209-255
WTO at a Crossroads: The Crisis of Multilateral Trade and the Political Economy of the Flexibility Debate Abstract PDF
Donatella Alessandrini 256-285
Development is no Excuse for Human Rights Abuses: Framing the Responsibility of International Development Agencies Abstract PDF
Benoit Mayer 286-343
The WTO Law on Subsidies and Climate Change: Overcoming the Dissonance? Abstract PDF
Avidan Kent 344-382

Notes and Comments

The Proposed Horizontal Mechanism: An Evaluation in Light of Existing Procedures under the Dispute Settlement Understanding Abstract PDF
Evin Dalkilic 383-399

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